24 February 2008


Sometimes I think to myself "self, you have been keeping a blog in some form for, like, six years." My inner voice says "like" a lot. Anyway, sometimes it is hard for me to justify this whole "blog" thing, but then Kira calls me and tell me she was reading it and laughing, and that is all that matters, you know? Making Kira laugh.

In other news, I sent in registration to participate in a craft fair at a Catholic church near my house. I'm really into making rosaries (...I don't know), so I figure "hey, I should make a few rosaries, if anyone is going to buy one it's someone at a Catholic church's craft fair." Man, you are hearing so much from my inner voice today. So anyway, I decided to try a new technique, and I finished the main section, and knotted it and glued it and was about to see how it looked with the rosary center and crucifix that I bought in December, and then I figured "hey, maybe I should check the decades before I actually finish this," and I did, and one of the decades had 11 beads. It's supposed to be 10 (hence "decade"). How embarrassing would that have been?

Oh wow, you don't care at all, do you? My mom thought it was a funny story, but she went to mass every day until eighth grade. Catholic school, you know.

Ugh. I'm going to the library.

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