03 March 2008

monday again!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole week!

I am terribly busy and will be until March 15 at 3pm, but I felt that I needed to take time out from my busy, important schedule to tell you that I got my first paper back today, my first paper of grad school, and there are comments and suggestions a plenty, but I got an A-! I've been feeling overwhelmed by this whole grad school thing, so it is nice to know that I actually know what I'm doing. Basically.

Also, I know you don't care, and I would totally be bored and/or nauseated by this if I were you, but I went home this past weekend, and I got to spend oodles of time with Nathan, and it was our six-month anniversary (six monthiversary?), and we went out to dinner, and I will stop myself before I get too gross and sentimental, but I had a really good weekend.

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