10 April 2008

at least it's not snowing

[It is raining like a motherfucker outside. I am staying inside for the rest of the night for sure.]

Look at all that pretty shit. Why do I have such a dirty mouth today? I made all that stuff this month, or at least I listed it all this month. No one has bought anything yet, which sucks, but to be fair, it's only the tenth. I should probably wait at least a week before I start to panic.

What else? I'm working on summer plans, which are looking pretty awesome so far. I'm taking Information Policy and doing an independent study for history (if I can find a professor to supervise me), and since I'm taking the policy class online, I'll be able to spend so much time at home. My mom found an amazing sewing machine on craigslist, so I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time at my parents' house, sewing and enjoying the air conditioning. Oh, and doing homework and utilizing the high speed internet. Obviously.

Oh, and I guess I'll also be able to see a lot of Nathan if I'm home all the time this summer. He was here most of the week; pretty sweet, right? We made tacos, and he had the genius idea to use goat cheese along with the cheddar. Also, he bought me beer and also a coffee. Having a boyfriend is awesome. Also, the Peanut Butter Cup coffee at Fuel Cafe is awesome.

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