13 April 2008


1. So I'm writing this paper for my Colonialism seminar. I have to talk about a bunch of different readings, mostly related to education and architecture and display in the later imperial period. That part isn't necessarily difficult--I did all the reading and I basically understand what all the authors are trying to say--but we also have to make a larger argument, and I just have nothing interesting to say. I don't know, I may have figured out an approach, but it's so difficult to write this paper because I just do not have anything interesting to add.

2. I'm going to New York in May. I think I may have already mentioned that, but I bought my ticket today. I'm leaving the week after finals, and I'm staying for eight days. It will be awesome.

3. I'm going to Kentucky on Thursday, for the Midwest Archives Conference Annual Meeting. I'm sort of not sure why I'm going, as it will cost money and I have not even taken any archives classes, and I'm seriously not going to have any background knowledge when I get there. But on the other hand, I'll get to go to Kentucky (which I probably would not ever have done otherwise), and it's not actually that expensive, and I'll probably learn something, and it's always good to make contacts or whatever. Right? I don't know, I'm just hoping I'll be able to buy some quality bourbon while I'm there.

4. I made a really awesome bag this weekend. After much consideration, I've decided to list it on Etsy, because much as I want to keep it for myself, I also want to keep having money to buy food, and that's going to be difficult since I keep going on trips I can't afford. I'll post a photo of the bag tonight or probably tomorrow, after I list it on Etsy.

5. I can barely write a coherent sentence. That does not bode well for the paper I've been working on for the past three hours!

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