02 April 2008


Hulu.com is awesome. Have you heard of it? They have a whole bunch of TV episodes and movies online, and it's run by Universal and News Corp., so it's legal. And they have a lot of shows, and it's pretty high-quality, and it's really fast. Totally awesome, and way less guilt-inducing than watching TV on, um, sites that aren't technically, you know, exactly completely legal. Not that I ever did that!

Anyway, Hulu.com is awesome, but here's the thing. They have to find more advertisers. I don't know, maybe it's hard, maybe people don't want to pay for internet ads, I don't know. I do know that I will never, ever watch Street Kings ever, and I'm not feeling too good about stop-loss either. I've been watching old episodes of Bones, and every single episode is sponsored by one of those two movies, most of them by Street Kings. If I have to hear that fucking Street Kings commercial one more time, I am going to fucking scream. It wasn't that bad the first few times, but the exact same commercial runs five times during every episode, and I've watched most of the first season over the past week (stop judging me) and oh my god it starts out "I am the American dream" and I just want to fucking stab someone every time I hear it. Commercials are annoying enough, but when you have to listen to the exact same commercial repeatedly, it induces irrational rage and not the irrational consumerism I'm assuming you intended.

This also applies to USANetwork.com and their fucking Bertolli commercials. Find another advertiser! Or be like ABC.com and advertise your own shows! Just stop playing the exact same commercial over and over again.

In related news: I need to stop watching so much Internet TV. Seriously. And new episodes are starting in a week or two, so it's not like I'm going to stop completely, but I need to stop wasting so much time at Hulu.com.

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