11 June 2008

back from that unscheduled break

So. Okay. I am back.

I don't know why I left; I guess I was just busy. I went to Milwaukee for approximately two and a half days. I took Megabus there (three hours late), met with a professor, met with someone about an internship, and went to therapy. Then I had another hellish Megabus ride back to Minneapolis, which was only two and a half hours late. I hate Megabus.

I came back up here to house-sit for my parents. They were gone for 10 days; I got to hang out at their house and drive my mom's car and enjoy 10 days of constant rain. Oh, and I sort of played house with Nathan. Did I mention he's moving to Milwaukee in September? Since we'll be living together in two months, it seemed like it might be good to see if we could spend a week together and still like each other. Verdict--we can. September is going to be awesome.

I sewed a lot. I learned how to sew zippers--definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. I made a bunch of zippered coin purses, and I bought 52 zippers at the barn, so there will be many more to come. I haven't added anything to my Etsy shop in a month, but I'm working on a bunch of stuff this week so I'll have a nice backlog before I start regular updates again next week.

I haven't gotten much work done. Homework, I mean. Summer classes are weird; it's nice not having to go to class every week, but it's strange having to be self-disciplined. I'm not doing too badly, and it should be much easier to concentrate once I'm back in Milwaukee. I'm planning on spending mornings at my internship and afternoons at the library. And evenings in front of my sewing machine--awesome fun time!

Oh, and I'm working on a website. Let me rephrase--I am getting paid cash money to make a website for a very nice friend of a friend. Money money money! Once I get everything done and get paid in full, it will cover my June rent, plus a little extra for beer and candy. Or my security deposit at the new apartment, probably.

Other things have happened too. I still haven't written anything about New York. Nathan had a show; he has another one at the Triple Rock in a couple weeks. You should check out his band's Myspace and also go to their show, if you're in the Minneapolis area. I guarantee you will have an awesome time. Oh, and Dear Astronaut, my other favorite band, has a really big huge show this weekend at Mad Planet. You should really, really go; this is a huge deal for them.

As long as I'm telling you to do things, you should really check out Kinni Coffee next time you're in Northern Wisconsin. It's possibly my favorite coffee shop ever, and I have been to a lot of coffee shops in my time. They have great (fair-trade) coffee, and sometimes they have music, and they have gigantic tables which makes it an awesome place to do homework. Also, the owners are awesome, awesome people, totally the kind of people you should support with your coffee purchases.

Alright. That is probably enough for now. More soon, I think, and get ready--I'm thinking of moving my blog again. I want to design a WordPress theme from scratch and set up my blog on my own domain. I have no idea when I'll have time to do that, but hopefully that will happen this summer. After I finish redesigning dearastronaut.com! Jeb, I have not forgotten about you, for serious.

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  1. Flooding trainroutes, ay carumba.

    The downstairs neighbors do not hate us! I have struck up a rapport with the girl, the one I was sure hated us the most! And one of the guys, the one with the mustache, is friends with the bass player from Pigs on Ice, and I've talked to him a little bit, but not much. What the crap!

    Now hurry up and get back to Milwaukee!