13 June 2008

oh that's right I'm back

I guess if I'm back, that means I have to keep posting, doesn't it?

I'm still up north. I was supposed to take the train back on Thursday (after I postponed from Wednesday), but the tracks are still flooded. It's been raining non-stop in Wisconsin for the past couple weeks. I canceled my ticket when they canceled the Thursday train. Somehow I decided to stay the weekend instead of taking the bus. Father's Day and all that.

Anyway. A tree fell in our front yard yesterday--it was gigantic, and it barely missed hitting the house. Luckily it fell after my parents had both left for work. In the words of my mom, "good thing we don't have to tell the insurance company a tree fell on the Jeep again." I took a bunch of photos, but I'm pissed off at Flickr so I'm not uploading anything at the moment. I got to use a chainsaw! I cut up a branch of the tree, and it was awesome! Then my arm hurt, so I stopped. Exciting!

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