20 September 2008

hey guess who's still alive

It's me!


I've been busy, making homemade pizza and doing the school thing and doing the job & also volunteer thing (neither of which I should probably talk about online, boo, but oh, the stories I have). The apartment is almost pretty much totally done, which is exciting. I'm writing this at my sewing table, which is the only place in the apartment where I can borrow internet. Our internet machine arrived from AT&T on Thursday, but we can't actually activate anything until Monday for reasons too boring to explain. Suffice to say AT&T is a shady company, but not quite as shady as Time Warner. Anyway, I'll have real Internet by Monday night or Tuesday, so probably I'll start posting more regularly. Until then, doesn't that pizza look delicious?


  1. get some internet, make me some pizza and let me sleep on your couch! im ready when you are!


  2. that pizza looks amazing.

  3. jason- soon, soon. we're coming up north next weekend, then there's the thing up in niagra, so maybe after that? i'll have to check and see when i'm grading papers.

    and yes, jeb, that pizza was totally amazing. i am a pizza genius.