01 September 2008

oh hi

So, uh, I moved. That's where I've been the past two weeks. We don't have internet yet, and apparently if I don't have Internet at home, I don't go online at all, ever. Weird. I need to get it though, school starts tomorrow, and I need some ways to procrastinate. Oh, and the "we"--I live with Nathan now. It's totally fucking awesome so far, and we got through the moving process without hating/killing each other, so I'm hoping it will continue to be totally fucking awesome. In other news, school looks to be awesome this semester, and I applied to get a booth at Art vs. Craft with my friend Leah (who makes the prettiest and most amazing things), and The Best Volunteer Job in the World continues to delight and amaze me. And, that is all for now. We're at the bar across the street (that also has internet and coffee & bagels in the morning, sweet) and I need to finish up on the Internet so I can finish my beer and go home and sleep and get ready for school in the morning. Yeah!

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