11 December 2008

feedback requested

Possible new shop/brand name for my "business":*

Be Salty


It has no special meaning, or at least not much. There was this period where my sister liked calling people "salty," and she says "salty" in the most hilarious way as she has the best Wisconsin accent and is also generally hilarious**, and anyway, I liked the word but I thought maybe "be salty" was better than "salty." And I don't know, I kind of like the idea of "be salty" because it's kind of like "be upfront and honest and maybe say 'fuck' a few times, because why not?"

So I don't know, maybe? I kind of like it better than just "marinatina."

*Oh, that's probably kind of undermine-y, I mean my business that I am slowly working on building.

**Back when she was canvassing for MPIRG, they were campaigning against an oil pipeline, and she told me this amazing story where someone asked her why we can't just use nuclear power, and she made this explosion noise and mimed a mushroom cloud, and okay, it's hard to explain, but it was hilarious, and I made her do it like 100 more times. Good story!

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