11 December 2008


Oh, dearies, what a week. Craft night was last night; lovely new (to me) people, and I learned three different variations on the Herringbone stitch. I was the only one embroidering; everyone else was making presents because they are nice people who plan ahead and make handmade gifts. I should start holiday shopping soon...

Anyway! Embroidery and history, all day everyday. Have obrovsk√Ĺ paper due tomorrow, really think I might be able to get it to a non-embarrassing point by then. (See how I threw in some Czech there? I'M SMART.[obviously, since I only noticed on a second read that I spelled it "check" at first. FAIL.]) It's only 11:35am and already I've finished... I don't know, a page or two. Still! I am working before noon, clearly I have already won the day.

What else? Gmail has a new Tasks list function; totally amazing. That will do until I get my iPod touch/iPhone and am able to obsessively check/update iCal all day. Because obvs that's what I'm doing now, with that little iCal icon inches away from this here text box.

Okay. On to the paper writing. Photos of crappy embroidery to come.

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