26 January 2009

first day of school

Hello there, how are you? I've been meaning to post about so many things, but they all relate to photos I've taken, and my hard drive is almost full, so I can't really put any more photos on my computer, which means that I can't upload them to Flickr, which obviously means that I can't write about anything until I clean up my hard drive. Oh, my life, it is so hard.

All well. I got so much done this weekend. I made bread, hummus, sugar cookies, lentil soup, and... something else, I think. I learned how to attach bias tape binding the proper way! That was a fucking achievement--it's such a finicky thing to do, and I've always avoided anything that might involve binding, but finally I know how to do it! All by machine, too--fuck binding things by hand, I don't have that kind of time. (Hooray for unnecessary swearing, am I right?) These three tutorials helped a lot--Heather Bailey, angry chicken, crazy mom quilts. The angry chicken video is totally sweet but doesn't explain corners, but the other two show an easy way to miter corners. Sweet, I know how to miter corners!

What else? School started today; my first classes are tomorrow. I'm super excited about teaching, not quite so excited about my own classes. I'm taking three instead of two; hopefully I will not regret that decision. As long as I have time to sew and bake bread, I will be okay. Oh, that's right, I bake bread now. Making homemade bread is so fucking easy. Uh, if you have a stand mixer, I guess. I made bread by hand once, and while it was fun, it was also way more messy and difficult than using the stand mixer. I have this amazing bread book, I'll write more about that at some point.

Okay, wow, this is all over the place. Maybe because I'm hungry? I haven't eaten since I had homemade lentil soup & homemade bread for lunch. One pot of lentil soup costs like $5 to make and provides at least a week's worth of totally delicious lunches. Saving money is fun! But, um, yes, more later about everything, I'm going to go find some food.

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