03 February 2009

pita pit

I finally dealt with my hard drive space issues [first world problem!] and uploaded beau coup photos to Flickr.

Jamaica photos are here. Despite that I wasn't really in a photo mood all week (and despite the fact that I barely left the Donaldson's Inn vicinity), I took a shit ton of photos. Many different views of the sunset. And by "different," I mean same vantage point, different day. Oh, but we did get to go visit this dude Everett, a friend of Nathan's parents, and while Nathan and his dad and Everett did there whole musician thing, I entertained all the neighborhood kids. We were big news on a Saturday afternoon. All the kids were adorable, and they were so into having their photos taken that I don't feel bad putting them all over the Internet.


This is one of my favorite photos, as it is the least posed. They were posing pros, it was crazy.


And this is the post-sunset view from Nathan's parents' porch. Seriously, Donaldson's Inn is the best place to stay in Negril. It's locally owned by awesome people, there are only 12 rooms, and the rooms are under $100 and literally on the beach. If you stay at the few wood huts that are left, it's like $30 a night or something crazy. Totally amazing, and you stay on the beach while avoiding all the shitty all-inclusive resorts. Okay, but more on Jamaica some other time.

More photos tomorrow; I've been doing a lot of baking and a lot of sewing, and lord knows I'd rather write blogs about that than do my schoolwork.

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