06 February 2009

sometimes you get to speak truth to assholes


Holy shit, today was AMAZING. So, I had school things that I can't talk about (but oh, talk to me in person, I have so much shit to talk), and then I got lunch with awesome people, and then I went ice skating. And then! Then! I went on the Lakefront Brewery tour. Bob was possibly the best tour guide I've ever had on any tour ever. Which, of course, made it so much more annoying that there was this group of assholes that talked the entire time. Oh fuck, I wanted to hit them all. But! But. I did not. Mary and I were standing off to the side, after we got our last free cup of Lakefront, and I actually specifically told her "Oh, I'm so glad that I'm not uber-drunk, I'm definitely not going to go over and tell those assholes that they are assholes."

And, oh, that, that is when the stars aligned. You know how there are those moments when you want to say something but you don't? This was not one of those times. I said that thing to Mary, and then she was doing this exaggerated fake laugh, and one of the assholes walked by. I did not flinch--he started fake laughing in response, and I interrupted him and said "oh, hey, weren't you one of those assholes that was talking through the entire tour?"

Oh, glorious, it was glorious. He kind of fake laughed, and his stupid friend laughed, and then he just stood there. And then, then I told him something like "I can't deal with this," and I shooed him away. Repeatedly! I don't know why, and it was a total dick move, or it would've been if he hadn't been a total asshole the entire time that Bob was trying to give a great Lakefront Brewery tour. I fucking put that dick in his place, and it felt so good.

I got to go ice skating with awesome people and go on a brewery tour at an amazing brewery, and I got a chance to tell an asshole that he was an asshole, and I took it. Today was an awesome fucking day.

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