11 February 2009

standing up for us

Haha fuckers, I just joined Sen. Russ Feingold's Cornerstone Committee, which "recognizes those supporters who have committed early on to Russ's reelection and to the progressive values that he has always stood for." And guess what, Russ is all about the grassroots thing, so I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to join. You should give him money too, especially if you have thousands of dollars. Also! Tomorrow is his Milwaukee County steering committee meeting, you should go! Especially if you have a car, as then you could take me. As it stands, I will probably not be there. Paula, the woman who organizes it, got my name from my parents as they are actually involved in their steering committee; I'm pretty sure Paula thinks I don't exist, as I have been meaning to but not actually going to meetings for at least a year and a half. Um, anyway, hurray for Russ Feingold!

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