11 February 2009

don't jinx it

I'm kind of into blogging lately. Don't know why; I have been taking more photos, maybe that's it.

And I've been cooking and baking a whole bunch. Sewing, too. I think I'm going to drop one of my classes, for many boring but legitimate reasons, but one nice side benefit is that I'll have time to sew a bunch of things so I can do a few craft fairs this spring. That'd be pretty sweet.

Ooh boy, I am boring today. I've been quite productive; I still have a lot of schoolwork that needs to get done today. It's raining hardcore and I have to go to campus for the SAA meeting. I might end up being the new president, mostly because no one else wants to do it.

sunday brunch

Look, I made cinnamon rolls.


  1. i want to devour everything in every photo you take (that included sunsets, in case you were curious). I was sad to miss your IM's yesterday, but am trying desperately to not work 12 hour days anymore, which means hardcore no distractions at times. miss you!

  2. i miss you like whoa. do you want one of those new change purse things i made? if you like one that i've already made, let me know, otherwise give me some color ideas. i really need to figure out if these things are in any way useful.