14 February 2009

totally vital saturday morning blogging

v day breakfast

I went out drinking with awesome people last night, so I was a leeetle hungover this morning. Nathan felt bad for me (he went to a show and did not drink beers and margaritas and thus did not feel like shit) so he offered to make me breakfast. Uh, or possibly he asked if he could get me anything, and I was like "scrambled eggs and some potatoes and also some coffee?" Either way, we got the whole Valentine's day meal thing out of the way.

front loading zipper pouches!

Also this morning, I made that polka dot purse and also the white one. I made the blue one last night. I've been wanting to try making purses like these for awhile, and after I saw a photo of one last night, I decided that I needed to figure it out. I looked at a lot of photos and read a few tutorials, but I ended up just cutting out fabric and experimenting, and it was really fun, especially when my first try ended up being almost exactly what I wanted. The polka dot one turned out okay--I used some pieces I had cut for a top loading zipper purse--but the white one is almost perfect. Of course, I still haven't actually used any of them, so maybe they actually suck and will be annoying to use. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share. If you want one, you should let me know--maybe I could give you one and then you could tell me if it sucks/rocks? If I had more than three readers, this is where I would do a giveaway, but as it is, let me know if you want one, and I'll see what I can do.

Okay. Anyway. I'm going to hang out with Nathan until he leaves for Oshkosh (Dear Astronaut has a show) and also probably make more zippered pouches.

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