12 February 2009

i have found my limit

And that limit is cupcakes. I had to make them with half & half instead of milk, because we do not have milk. Why would we have milk? Also, apparently you need powdered sugar for normal cupcake icing. I did not have that, so I finally found another recipe with granulated sugar, and fucking hell. I ate one, and I am still just... is it possible for cupcakes to cause heart attacks? I don't know, I may have just given myself diabetes for realsies. I just, it was just too much sugar. I think I'm definitely going to keep focusing on the bread baking.

Oh! I also made peanut butter cookies last night, and we did not have anywhere near enough butter. In case you were wondering, yogurt, oil, extra peanut butter, and a little extra white sugar are all good ways to make up for a lack of butter. If you're like me, you can do a little bit of all four. Just keep adding shit until it looks like cookie dough.

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