30 March 2009


Apparently Portland has a Museum of Contemporary Craft! Awesome. I also keep reading all these things that refer to Portland as a crafty city. I think I have figured out where I'm going for my next vacation. I wonder if I could fly to Portland, then take the train to Seattle and then Vancouver and fly home from there. I could probably do that in two weeks, right? I bet there are hostels there.

In other news, I am making steady progress on two different quilt tops. I think they might both turn out awesome. I read about this super quick way to bind quilts on the purl bee. You basically just make the backing slightly larger than the top and then fold over the back and stitch it down. The directions are toward the end of the project journal. The directions for tying off a quilt seem pretty clear too. Now I just need to finish off those quilt tops.

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