28 March 2009


Yeah. It's snowing. Hard. There's a Winter Storm Advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. I find that completely unfair and illogical, as it is spring dammit.

My back is slowly getting better; emphasis on slowly. Fuck fuck fuck. I've been trying to catch up with all of my work today, the computer work I haven't been able to manage since Tuesday. I have been kind of down about how much work I have to do for the next month, and this snow nonsense is not exactly helping my mood. Everything seems to be very hard lately. That's a very nonspecific variety of whining, isn't it? "Life is hard." I am full of clear and trenchant insights.

This is all very whiny and annoying; no more of that. I bought a basil plant at the grocery store; I'm excited about that. And I guess things can only get better from here. Snow at the end of March is pretty lame, but soon it will be warm for real. And while it is killing me to not be able to sew, once I actually can, I will have so much fabric to sew with. Did I mention that I finished that skirt? I'll post photos soon. I have enough fabric to make at least four more skirts; there's something to look forward to.

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