25 March 2009

i broke my back!

Alright, not exactly, but I pulled a muscle (at least one, possibly all of them) in my lower back, and it hurts to move. Also, standing. And sitting. And laying down. AND EXISTING.

Okay, I'm sorry, I don't like to whine. Seriously though, I hate this. I can't move without wanting to cry. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxers, which seem to do nothing but make me super drowsy. I can't do anything! I was all psyched up to start working out this week, which is not going to happen. I bought all of this new fabric that I was going to turn into pretty things, and I'm behind in the class that I actually like, but I can't sit at the computer or the sewing machine without being in massive pain. And the doctor said that I'll probably be sore for a week. A week!

Ugh. Whine whine whine. FEEL SORRY FOR ME.

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