29 April 2009

more clouds

more clouds, originally uploaded by marinatina.

No bloggity blog yesterday; I'm sure you were all just crushed. Too much school, not enough time for making things. And what else would I write about, except things that I make?

(The photo above was taken up north.)

Oh, hey, one thing--as part of my "thinking deep thoughts about my life" thing, I've been thinking a lot about not writing a thesis and just taking comps. While discussing that with my de facto adviser, he mentioned that it may be possible to do a non-traditional thesis, something that uses the internet as a delivery mechanism. I'd still have to have the content, so I'd essentially be doing an entire 90+ page thesis and creating a website or whatever, but doesn't that sound like a fun challenge?

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  1. producing non-traditional theses sounds awesome! Go for it!