18 April 2009

slow cooker full of beans.

slow cooker full of beans., originally uploaded by marinatina.

I bought some dried black beans from Outpost last month. I got as far as bringing them home and putting them in jars before I completely stalled. Having to soak them overnight before I cooked them involved way more planning than I can handle. Until this weekend, apparently. I washed them last night & put them in the fridge to soak. I put them on low this morning; do you like my slow cooker? Nathan's mom gave it to me. I'm really into the flowers and the brown. Anyway, it was supposed to take 8 hours on low to cook them; I switched to high after 7 hours, and they have been in there for another hour and a half, and they are still not done. What the fuck, right? I guess I can put them on low overnight if they're not done soon, but that seems like a bad idea somehow. This is the first time I've cooked anything with a slow cooker, so I'm kind of lost when it comes to adapting to the unexpected.

Um, anyway. Isn't my slow cooker pretty? I think it really compliments my mixer and the awesome yellow walls in my kitchen.

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