05 May 2009

more soon

Alright, so, many things are going on, time for blogging is short, but at some point I will tell you about how I made this apron as part of Tie One On, which is an apron group thing run by Amy Karol, who wrote this awesome book called Bend-the-Rules Sewing. And I have a whole bunch of words about making it and submitting it (late, because I am an idiot) and how cool it is to be involved with something run by Amy Karol, who is just fucking awesome, but that will have to wait. What is important right now, or at least interesting enough that I am writing a run-on sentence of a blog post about it, is that my apron is now posted in the Flickr pool of aprons, and someone left a really nice comment, which is awesome and totally made my day.

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