04 May 2009

where did the weekend go

How is it already Monday? I had an action-packed weekend, and really I would be fine with having another day to recover. Jason & Sarah were here Saturday for the Aeros-Admirals game. We walked around by the lake in the afternoon, got beers & food beforehand, and then got more beers after. We went to Klinger's, which was surprisingly pretty awesome. I woke up very... tired on Sunday and left almost immediately to go to the Brewers game with a shit ton of people. We tailgated before the game, watched the Brewers kick the Diamondbacks collective ass, and then went back to Jason's house and drank more. So, uh, when I say "action-packed," I guess I mean "beer-filled." Anyway. I had a pretty awesome time this weekend; sometimes it's nice to not spend all of my time alone.

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