17 June 2009

i get it!

Alright, so, I have been trying to sew clothes lately. "Trying" being the operative word. I've wanted to like, I sort of liked it at certain points, but mostly it was just stupid frustrating. But tonight, I get it. I'm about halfway done with Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt--halfway because I haven't yet cut out the lining because I wasn't sure my alterations were going to work--and it fits and even kind of looks halfway decent and yeah, I get it! Sewing your own clothes is awesome! Because I bought 2 yards of black cotton twill in January, and I think I also bought the pattern then, and now, it is magically a skirt! A skirt that fits me! And that will have an awesome lining of thrifted rainbow stripe fabric! And I think that altogether it's going to cost me around $20? Or maybe like $35 if you count the pattern? But why would you, as I will make so many skirts that the patterns cost will be negligible!


  1. Can I have a skirt?!

  2. only if you tell me your twitter username