22 June 2009

practice makes perfect

1. I really want to make this dress.

2. Why am I up so late? Damn.

3. I am determined to get back into the habit of writing here. So much to catch up on!

4. While cleaning my sewing room, I found two different quilt battings, which means I can now finish the quilt I made for my new nephew and the yellow and grey quilt.

5. Speaking of which, this is what it looks like, basically:

right side

That is obviously a terrible photo, and it was taken when I was trying to decide on the final placement of things, but that is pretty much it. I finished it in one [long] day. Obviously a very simple patchwork pattern, but I was more interested in experimenting with colors/patterns/placement/etc. Because I am a fancy pants artist lady!

Okay. Time to sleep!


  1. any decisions made on jase's quilt yet? or is too early for that?

  2. yes! you said green & cars, right? i'm currently planning to buy some great car-related fabric, once i find it, and then i'll find a good green to go with it. i'm going to make it bigger, probably lap quilt size (60"x60"-ish) rather than either a baby quilt size or twin bed size so it'll theoretically be more versatile. hoping to finish it this summer, or at least before it gets cold.