29 June 2009

isn't it time you finished your lower level?

Three days until I turn 25; less than a day until my family gets here. We're going to see Dylan & Willie Nelson on Wednesday at Summerfest.

I was at my internship earlier today, walking to the back to get some more books to catalogue, thinking about how sore I was. Then I realized I've ridden my bicycle every day for 20 or 30 minutes or more, after months of no regular exercise at all. So, yeah. Hooray for bikes. I'll take a photo tomorrow; Kira said I need to post more photos.


This is the sky outside my apartment a few weeks ago. I haven't uploaded any photos for awhile; I haven't been taking many either. Need to make a new camera case.

So yes, I will be 25 soon. I have made some progress on my craft business thing, by which I mean making it a real, actual thing, but I need to really start taking it seriously. Eventually I will have to admit that I am basically an adult, and if I'm an adult, then I would like to be moving consciously towards a place where I'm supporting myself doing something that I love. Or really, supporting myself and paying off debt rather than incurring it. That would be okay too.

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