25 July 2009

give me money i want money

I've been putting off updating this here bloggg until I had time [read: energy and/or motivation] to upload some photos to Flickr. Well, woops, should've uploaded them before today, as my Flickr pro account expired! And while you can get a year of membership for the low, low price of $25, that is roughly $525 more than I can afford right now. Does that make sense? Did you catch the implied message that I could really use $500 right about now? Ugh. I am 98% sure that we're going to be able to pay rent next week; I am less sure of my ability to pay my credit card minimum payments the following week. I keep changing my mind about the "best part" of my Bank of America story [the one where they raised my interest rate from 9.9% to 24.9%, did I not tell that here? Because I have forced everyone I know in real life to listen to my epic tale of woe], but I think it might be that they nearly tripled my interest rate because my debt to income ratio was too high [thanks Sallie Mae!!!], which also means that my minimum payment doubled, which means my debt to income ratio is now even worse. Geniuses, I tell you, there are bona fide fucking geniuses running that bank.

Oh god, this is so boring! I think that is my least favorite part of being broke--the fact that the only thing I have to talk about is how broke I am and how completely fucking evil Bank of America and Sallie Mae are. Actually, Sallie Mae is not so bad. They have been nearly human in our interactions, and I owe them way more money than those fuckers at BofA, so they're the ones who actually have reason to worry about my ability to pay them back.

Okay, you know what, no more talk about money. I just deleted a whole mess of boring words, because whatever! I am temporarily broke, but I will be solvent by September at the latest, so on to more important things. Namely, I have been sewing up a storm. I bought another day of advertising on Etsy for Monday, and I am determined to have at least 5 new bags and possibly a whole mess of new pocket zip purses. I came up with an entirely new way to make them, which is just incredibly exciting to me. I wish I had a photo of either of the two that I've made so far, but basically it is a zip purse that's constructed like an interior zippered pocket in a handbag. Does that make sense? The zipper is on the front, but unlike the other front-zip purses I've made, the front side is made entirely out of one piece of fabric.

Oh, whatever, I will post a photo once I've listed a few in my shop. The point that I really want to get at here is that I've been sewing almost non-stop for the past few days, and it has been amazing. I've been attempting to sew my bags assembly-line style, which is going to be a much more efficient method once I get used to it. So far, I can't get through any one step without realizing I forgot to cut fabric for a pocket/lining/strap/etc from one of the bags. Still, it has been kind of relaxing to just take my time on each component without worrying about finishing immediately. I did get a bit antsy tonight though--sewing for three days without finishing something is weird--so I put together an entire bag, and it looks awesome. I changed my method for making straps, and I think it's pretty awesome. Also, I am a little in love with my walking foot. It makes my stitching look just a bit more polished and handmade rather than homemade.

Wow, holy shit, this is all just really boring, isn't it? Money and obtuse descriptions of things that I have sewn and/or things I've used to sew. I am going to go finish my glass of wine (just opened the bottle I got for my birthday, will have to make it last for weeks! Or just drink it all tonight!!) and get some sleep and then I will sew all day tomorrow!

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