15 July 2009

hi how are you i am fine thank you

You know what is a great way to get the ol' adrenaline going? Ride your bike through downtown Milwaukee to the post office, and then ride your bike home. That's what I just did!

I bike everywhere now; it is totally crazy pants. I did not see this happening, even when I bought my bike. I thought I would maybe bike to the co-op, or anywhere else that I could access via non-busy streets. So, maybe a 10 block radius from my house. But no, I bike to and from work everyday via the Oak Leaf Trail, which is just amazing by the way. It's like a wooded, peaceful bike superhighway through Milwaukee, and it takes me almost directly to my job.

Yes, that's right, I have a job--I hung around at the best volunteer job in the world (pretend that's capitalized, I don't feel like going back to change it) so long that they finally gave up and decided to pay me for a few months. Well, something like that. Anyway, I am getting paid cash money to do something I actually enjoy. Weird!

Also, I am getting paid cash money for my sewing. The cash money is not exactly plentiful (yet!) but I mailed out this bag today, and I have some ideas for new bags that I'll be working on over the next couple days. Variations on a theme, the theme being "I like stripes."

Alright, shoot, this post needs a photo. Here is a photo from camping last weekend. My battery was nearly dead, so I took like 10 photos of trees and that was it. I need to get better at taking photos of people, because I have zero photographic proof that I had fun times with some awesome people.



  1. that photo is so so gorgeous.

    i am such a slacker for not biking more; are your routes flat, or am I just overly intimidated by hills?

  2. Isn't it? Boulder Lake is pretty great, and the Nicolet National Forest is really beautiful.

    And you should not feel like a slacker for not biking more. I am very lucky because Milwaukee is not that hilly, and I only have to bike on city streets for about four blocks when I go to and from work. The Oak Leaf Trail is almost completely flat. I walk up hills most of the time, though there are a few that I can manage.