17 July 2009


hiking by boulder lake
[hiking by boulder lake]

I feel gross today. Headache and everywhere-ache and ugh. But! While I do not feel up to leaving the house, I am determined to get things done at home, albeit 50% slower than normal. Nathan is cleaning the living room, and I just finished cleaning the kitchen. Yes, it is already 1pm and that is pretty much the sum of my accomplishments today, but I didn't manage to get myself out of bed until 10:30, so really I think I'm doing okay.

I had a very long list of sewing I was going to do today, which may have to be scaled back, but I am going to at least sew up the fronts of three bags. Come hell or high water (what? who says that?), I will finish five bags by Sunday. I have big plans that I am not going to discuss just yet as that might jinx them, but the point is, I am ready to make a lot more progress on the ol' craft business thing.

Also, I am sitting at my kitchen table, and the window is open in front of me, and it's an old window that tilts out, and the glass is old and kind of ripply, and from my angle, when people walk by, their legs look twice as long. Cool!

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