20 August 2009

1. I couldn't get to sleep last night, and I couldn't sleep past 8 this morning. Curious. Wait, no, I meant to type So Very Annoying.

2. Did you hear there was a tornado yesterday in downtown Minneapolis? Well, near--it touched down south of downtown, skipped downtown directly [though a few buildings lost windows due to wind], and then touched down again to the... north or something. Scary stuff!

3. I'm probably going to canvass on Saturday. I'm really not a fan of canvassing at all, but Senator Feingold wants his campaign to run canvasses throughout the state on Saturday, and I just finished his biography [Feingold: A New Democratic Party, so so amazing], and I'm kind of convinced that he is the best hope for the Democratic Party to stop sucking so much.

4. Though really, after Barney Frank's performance at his last town hall, I realized I may have underestimated him. Some crazy protester lady asked why he was supporting Obama's "Nazi policies" and Senator Frank responded by pointing out that he is Jewish and then asking what planet the woman is living on. Amazing! Oh, why am I trying to describe it, you should just watch the segment from The Daily Show, though if you can find a full version online, it is worth the effort. It's so nice to see a Senator not pander to ridiculous people who believe ridiculous things.

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5. Alright, that is enough for now! More later, probably!

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