25 August 2009

holy crap!

So, uh, yeah. It seems that I won this giveaway. I will get a maxi dress pattern & fabric, and in return I will write at least four blog posts. These two lovely ladies [sisters! awesome!] have this sewing group blog called Presserfoot. They pick projects each month, people sew along, and they post about the process of sewing the monthly pattern and also about other fun sewing things. Of particular note: Rian posted this amazing tutorial about altering jeans to get a better fit around the butt [butt fit?], which I am pretty psyched to try. And yeah, now I get to be part of it! Honestly, I am kind of nervous (I'm not really used to this whole "more than two people actually reading things that I write" thing) but I think it will be okay. And hey, if all goes well, I will have an awesome dress to wear in a month or so!

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