02 August 2009


Still not completely done with the aforementioned quilt. My sister and her boyfriend were in town for a short visit so they could drop off Tracey's cat. Tracey is doing a semester in California, so we're watching Jonesy until she's back. Our cat is about as happy about this as you'd expect, though they're both adjusting fairly well. Werner follows Jonesy around (at a very safe distance) and acts like he's getting ready to attack, but really he is a total wuss and runs away whenever Jonesy gets too close. Tracey made me promise to take photos of Jonesy all semester, so get ready for that.

What else? Cannot update blog solely with cat news. The plan for today mostly involves sewing all day. I spent last night helping my friend Beret cut out pattern pieces and such for some costumes she's making, which was pretty fun except for the part where I was too tired to stay longer. I had stayed up until ridiculous o'clock the previous night (talking to Tracey, which was awesome), so right around 9 o'clock, we were finally getting to the interesting parts (i.e. actually sewing) and I just hit a wall and was falling asleep as I stood at the cutting table. Not fun. Beret is a much better seamstress than I am (i.e. she is actually a seamstress), so I was pretty psyched about observing someone who actually knows what she's doing. I did get an impromptu lesson on pattern alteration, so hopefully I will retain some of that information.

So yes, helped Beret yesterday, definitely want to do some of my own sewing today. Finishing the quilt first, and then I really want to cut out some skirts for myself. I wear the last one that I made basically every day, so I'm thinking I should probably make a few more. The first one I made is so loose that I don't need to unzip it to take it off (combination of stretch twill & biking everyday, I think), so will probably make an adjustment to the pattern. I also want to try making a tote bag with an interior zipper pocket, and I need to make a few things that my dad requested. Oh, and I have a few ideas for aprons. Exciting stuff!

Next time, there will be photos, I promise.

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