16 August 2009

sunday stash part dva

Apparently it has been a week since I last posted! Woops. Perhaps if I keep up this Sunday Stash thing, it will remind me to post on a more regular basis. Especially once school starts.

Anyway! Here is some fabric that I own!

vintage florals

Part of my ever-growing collection of vintage fabric, most [all, actually] of which I am far too scared to cut into. Someday, when I feel better about my quilting skillz, I'm going to make an amazing quilt entirely out of vintage fabric.

Also, like a jerk, I forgot to mention this last week, but here is the Flickr group for this Sunday Stash thing, and this is the lovely blog of the woman who started the Sunday Stash thing. There's usually a list of participants posted each week. Craft bloggers, yeah!

Also last night, as long as I'm on the topic of projects that may or may not ever be finished, I worked on paper piecing last night, for the first time in months.


I found all of my completed blocks (I'm at five) last week, as well as two half-done blocks. I basted some hexagons last night, and I started sewing them to the block today. I'm kind of hoping to finish the block today. I think with a hexagon border between the blocks [green hexagons from scraps is the plan] and a border around the entire thing, I could get away with 36 flower blocks. I'm going to hand quilt this thing whenever it's eventually together, so I don't really want to make it bigger than a lap quilt. Most of the time I'm okay with machine quilting--I am an impatient person--but it's nice to work on something that will be entirely made by hand.

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