16 September 2009

downtown mke

downtown mke, originally uploaded by marinatina.

Hey Internet, guess what? I got a new phone! Doesn't it take nice photos? T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, yeah! (Is that a stupid name for a phone or what?)

This week is looking up. I was not feeling good about things on Sunday, as I just had so much to do, but then I buckled down and actually worked on things Monday & Tuesday, and now I am sort of ahead on grading, and sort of not completely behind on my own work. I really wanted to change my habits this semester, and so far, I am! Yeah!

(Okay, let's all hope that I haven't jinxed myself. Time to go do more work, I think.)

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  1. take a work break:


    we seriously need to get really high, watch this video, and then eat mashed potatoes or sweet potato fries. not necessarily in that order or those specific foods.