10 September 2009

brooklyn what

manhattan, originally uploaded by marinatina.

Hey, guess where I'm going next month? New York!

Except if all goes according to plan, I'm not going to set foot in stupid boring Manhattan. Kira moved to Brooklyn, so I am hoping to spend her entire birthday weekend exploring all of the neighborhoods that I never visited, because I was too lazy to get on an F train or whatever to go all the way to Brooklyn. I'm already excited about all the fabric stores I'll be able to visit. I think there's one in Ridgewood (which is in Queens, so maybe I will set foot in Queens also, but no Manhattan!) that has super amazing deals, and I'm pretty sure there are a couple sweet craft destinations in Brooklyn. Oh, and there's a thrift store just for the plus-size ladies, which I am super psyched to visit. Oh, also have you flown somewhere recently? Because I have not, and apparently all of the airlines decided to charge for all checked baggage, even if you only check one item. What?! How does that work? I'm planning to send all of my fabric purchases home via UPS (are they open Sundays?) because, seriously, paying $15 to check a suitcase is just not something that I will ever, ever do. But yeah, besides the stupid luggage charges, I am super psyched! It has been over a year (really? damn!) since I've visited NY, and that is just too damn long.

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  1. http://www.yelp.com/search?find_loc=new+york%2C+NY&cflt=fabricstores#places=NY%3ANew_York%3ABrooklyn%3A%5BBoerum_Hill%2CCarroll_Gardens%2CCobble_Hill%2CGowanus%2CPark_Slope%5D

    and maybe


    and possibly

    Jamaica Queens?

    That's all I could find. Going to press a Queens native I know for more info.