30 September 2009

grandma + grandpa

grandma + grandpa, originally uploaded by marinatina.

So I was up north last weekend for my grandma's burial. I wrote a bunch of things about how it was at least three hundred percent harder than I thought it would be, but then I deleted it, because yuck.

Instead, enjoy this photo of my grandparents. My very straight-laced grandparents, who were 60+ when I was born and pretty much the platonic ideal of reserved Midwesterners. We always knew how much they loved each other, though I don't think I ever saw them show any affection to each other ever, and yes, it is pretty amazing to see how happy they were together. Amazing in a way that makes me cry, but still, amazing. I love my family a whole lot.


  1. that is an amazing photo, with the car and the field and the dress!

    so sorry about how hard it was, but it's good that you wrote it down, even to delete it after the fact.

  2. Love the photo :-) how are you?