19 October 2009


I'm still alive. Just not really posting much. Mostly because I've been stupid busy. So busy that I no longer have time for proper grammar, apparently. Sentences don't really need a subject, right? Hurray for sentence fragments.

Goodness. I used to think I was busy, and then I started grad school, signed a lease for an apartment with Nathan, and started the TA job. Oh, and decided that I wanted to start a sewing business. This is what busy is like.

["poor me"/First World Problems/etc]

Okay. No more complaining. I have been in a bit of a funk for most of the past month, and I am a little bit tired of it. I have not sewn anything in weeks, and I just found out I'll be a vendor for Craftacular in Madison on November 28th, so yes, time to put some plans into motion. Recycled wool shoulder bags, baby quilts, lap quilts, cat toys, etc--fuck cohesiveness, right? I will sew whatever I feel like sewing, and people will buy it and like it.

Alright. More soon, but now I really need to do some work.

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