09 November 2009

sewing is fun

WIP - completed quilt top, originally uploaded by marinatina.

I woke up early today to finish this quilt top. I don't have a backing fabric for it yet, but I'm going to the fabric store tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. It's kind of wonky; I cut huge, randomly-sized strips of fabric and then sewed it together in basically random order, so it's not entirely proper in terms of technique, but I kind of like it. With any luck, it will be a completed baby quilt by the time I have to go to Craftacular. Which is a craft show in Madison on November 28, have I mentioned that I will be there? I am semi-terrified, as this is my first craft show in a year and a half. Maybe longer? Shoot.

Whatever, it will be fine. The point is that waking up early to sew is totally awesome.

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