18 November 2009


I am still alive! Just ridiculously busy. There will be words and photos sometime soon, probably Friday when I have time to breathe. I hope you are having a good, less busy week. You should tell me what you've been up to! That's fair, right? "I don't have time to write my ridiculous blog entries, WRITE SOME FOR ME." Good deal. In the comments, tell me (a) what did you have for breakfast today, (b) what your favorite [non-meat based] Thanksgiving-type side dish is and (c) ten reasons that I am awesome. Kidding! I don't care what you ate for breakfast.

[Kidding! I really do want to know, I am tired of scrambled eggs and toast.]


  1. Anonymous3:47 AM

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  2. a) frosted mini-spooners (the generic shredded wheat cereal)

    b) sarah's cheesy hashbrown potatoes (they have corn flakes on top and are delicious)

    c) 1. you are related to me.
    2. you live in milwaukee and *could* go to many admiral games for very cheap if you chose to.
    3. you recently quit smoking.
    4. you polka'd with me at matts wedding.
    5. you are (possibly) sewing a blankie for jase.
    6. you are (possibly) sewing a full-sized quilt for jase.
    7. you are a history nerd.
    8. you are related to me.
    9. you are going to be a bridesmaid at my wedding! (can you believe i am actually going to get married?)
    10. you are related to me.


  3. a. the last of our bagels with fig sauce and monterey jack broiled on top. mmmm

    b. stuffing! any and all varieties (although i have to say that the sausage and oyster types are way tasty)

    c. 1. you made me bagels
    2. you made us a blog (hint, hint)
    3. you also made me a purse!
    4. you are wearing my scarf in your blog photo.
    5. you indulge all of most trivial of man-woes (hint, hint, hint)
    6. you would probably find a recent daily show sketch making fun of archivists funny, even though you are going to be an archivist
    7. you are consistently quotable
    8. you fucking swear a lot!
    9. you really work the sarcasm
    10. you are awesome because i said so, and i am awesome.

    see? http://www.explodingdog.com/title/andiamawesome.html

  4. Wow, you two are far more nice than I deserve. Jason, I keep telling you, it's not a matter of if I'm sewing a blanket & a quilt for Jase, it's a matter of when. Oh, and I am not in any way surprised that you're getting married; I'm just psyched that you waited until you met Sarah. And Kira, obviously you are awesome. I will update the blog soon, I swear. I left you a message, but you should call me this weekend. Oh, and that Daily Show sketch was amazing.