09 January 2010

addendum to previous

I went to Treadle Yard Goods yesterday, a belated Christmas present from my mom. Did I mention I'm up north, visiting my parents? I am, for a few days. Anyway, definitely my favorite Christmas present. Except for the pasta roller attachment for my mixer. And the vintage fabric Nathan gave me. And the bees from Heifer International. Okay, this was a good year for presents.

Anyway, re: previous. I bought Vogue V8552, but I completely forgot to buy the Liverpool shirt pattern. I also found this pattern, which I am stupid excited to sew:

Vogue V8408. I bought an awesome grey ponte de roma double knit, which I think is going to look awesome. Somewhat nervous about the stretch factor, but it's such a heavy knit that I think maybe I'll be okay. I also bought some black cotton sateen, in case the double knit doesn't work out right. Wait, no, it's the other way around--black sateen for this dress, ponte de roma for a yet-to-be-found awesome dress with a cowl or something similar.

(While looking for previous photo, I found another dress I must have/sew:

Vogue 8511. Actually, nevermind, the skirt section is pleated, basically. Yuck. Must find a similar dress without pleats, I think.

Okay, awesome! Treadle Yard Goods is full of wonder and inspiration; I am feeling quite optimistic that I'll make V8408, and I really think V8552 could become a wardrobe staple. And really, I cannot emphasize enough, Treadle Yard Goods is awesome. Great selection of fabric, classes that make me want to move back home just to take them, and the absolute nicest, most helpful staff that I have ever encountered. You should go there and buy a lot of stuff.

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