07 January 2010

things i will sew

In the alternate universe in which I actually sew clothes, instead of just half-starting projects and then either running out of time (e.g. Maxi dress I still need to finish for the Presserfoot Sewalong from September. September!!!) or energy or motivation or just generally running out of the ability to sew clothing I can wear outside the house. The point I'm getting at here is that sewing clothes is hard! Anyway. Here are the things that I will somehow, someday make.

New dress (the 'liverpool') from Amy Butler. Her Barcelona skirt is the only pattern I've successfully made and worn outside the house, so this could be something I actually make.

Super basic but possibly adorable dress from Vogue. V8552.

[stupid text link because Simplicity has a stupid website that won't allow me to show a photo of the pattern they're trying to sell to people UGH]

Kristen dress from BurdaStyle. I've been wanting to do this forever. Do you think it would be a proper dress for a wedding? I have a family wedding to attend in May, and I really want to make a dress to wear.

Oooh pretty. Need to get better at sewing and make myself some pretty dresses.


  1. Hi Marina!

    Our Kristen pattern is so perfect for a spring wedding! We look forward to seeing it on the site!


    The BurdaStyle Team

  2. Goodness, sometimes I forget anyone reads this at all, and then I get a message from someone at BurdaStyle. Thank you for the input, I've been thinking about making the Kristen dress forever, so I think I will try to do it for the wedding. And I will definitely put it on the site, if I can successfully sew it of course.