01 January 2010

happy birthday nathan

Ooh, I had such a good time last night. We had a bunch of people over for Nathan's birthday (and also the New Year, I guess?), and it was probably the best party I've ever thrown. I made hummus, pita bread, crackers, guacamole, and refritos for a taco dip thing that Nathan made. All from scratch! None of it turned out quite as good as I'd hoped, but everyone ate it real fast, so it must have been okay. Oh, and we had some awesome mulled cider (with whole cloves, whole allspice, and cinnamon sticks, and also a lot of rum). Oh! We had a cheese plate to go with the crackers, and I assembled some lumpia with potato filling, but I ended up not baking them because there was already so much damn food. So yeah, I am a crazy person, is the moral of this story. A crazy person who throws sweet parties.

Oh, and also there were people there! It was really pretty great being surrounded by awesome people at the beginning of 2010, and I think Nathan had a good time, which is probably the most important thing. He's at band practice [BZYBODIES, they don't have any music up apparently, but trust me, they're kind of amazing] right now, and he has a show tonight, but we'll probably hang out a bit this afternoon sometime. I gave him an eBay gift certificate so he can buy records. He also asked for a peach pie with cobbler topping, which will probably wait until Monday or Tuesday after we go grocery shopping. Oh, and this is just ridiculous, but he told me he wants me to sew for at least three hours today, because I haven't had time to sew in weeks, and he knows it'll make me happy. Yeah, I know, you kind of want to vomit from the adorableness. It is that kind of nonsense that reminds me how lucky I am.

So yes, hopefully last night and today will set the tone for the rest of the year. Last year was not so bad but not so great, and I would very much like to make 2010 awesome. I like that idea--I will choose to make 2010 a good year, regardless of what happens.

And on that note, I'm going to go watch Jersey Shore

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