31 January 2010

one step closer to awesome

So I went to Hancock Fabrics yesterday. I haven't bought any fabric for months and months and months, but I finally have a tiny bit of spending money, and also Hancock had this sale where (a) Kona cotton was $2 off and also (b) you got $10 off a $50+ purchase and $20 off a $100+ purchase. (Guess which discount I took advantage of?!)

Anyway! Huge sale, I bought a lot of Kona cotton for some quilts and/or purses, but more importantly, I bought a t-shirt pattern. Actually, a t-shirt + tank top pattern, and a yard of yellow cotton knit fabric. If this goes well, I am soon going to be able to make my own t-shirts & tank tops, which is awesome because (a) no more guilt over the conditions at whichever factory supplies Target and (b) I'll finally have shirts that aren't crew neck but also aren't v-necks that are so low cut as to be, um, distracting/inappropriate for teaching. For some reason, that second thing has thus far been almost impossible for me to find. I'm obviously quite nervous about sewing with knits, though, really, why? I have several different stretch stitches* on my machine, I bought needles made specifically for knits, the fabric cost maybe $10, what's the worst that could happen? If I screw up this first t-shirt, then I will probably not screw up the second one. So yeah, t-shirts!

Except I can't sew it yet because I have to read a book and two or three articles and also maybe start on a response paper. But if I get all that done, I will definitely have time for sewing either tonight or all day on Tuesday! Looking on the bright side, that is what 2010 is all about, dammit!

*Took me roughly 5 tries to spell that right, and it still looks weird to me.

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