28 January 2010

racism is still a thing

So my first week of school is almost over--just one more class tonight. I'm done with teaching for the week, and I'm going to continue to act on the assumption that talking about work on the internet is a bad thing, but I will say that I am pretty excited about both the class that I'm teaching and the students who are taking it.

I am really really not excited about the temperature right now. The forecast this morning was something like "high of 8, but with windchill it'll feel like -20." What?! Plus it's ridiculously sunny, which is an endlessly confusing, late-January/early-February thing that I love/hate about Wisconsin winters. (Does that sentence make sense?)

The only thing that has put a bit of a damper on the week is that I haven't had time to sew anything at all. I'll probably have time this weekend, so probably I should wait a week or two to let things settle, but I am definitely hoping that teaching isn't going to take over my life in the same way it did last semester. I guess my own classes could be time-consuming too, but it's a lot easier to make my own schoolwork fit whatever time is available.

Anyway, things are good. How are you?

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