11 January 2010



Things are moving quickly around here. I traced out a pattern Saturday, Vogue V8552--I believe I've mentioned it before. The tracing went very well; I only had to alter it a bit, based on the finished garment dimensions, though I guess we'll see how the fit turns out in the end. I'm doing the version with side seam pockets, which should be pretty fun. All told, it's 4 pattern pieces, which is super exciting. Very possible that I'll actually finish this soon. Maybe today? I'm not going home until tomorrow, so I have all day today to sew. Though, shoot--I think I need seam binding and maybe tape. Maybe I'll cut it out here and sew & finish it when I'm home.

So, exciting times! I'm glad I came up for this visit; it's been quite relaxing. I'm really excited to get home, though, and do some sewing. And prepare for the semester, I guess. I generally prefer to pretend I don't have to go back to school until the night before the semester starts, but that generally leads to high levels of stress, so maybe I should change tactics. Do some reading, maybe some research for my thesis... sometimes I get the feeling that I might be a bit of a slacker, when it comes to grad school at least. Other people write articles, do fancy internships, and just seem so driven; meanwhile, I'm thinking that maybe I should do some reading or something. Sometimes I think I'd rather just sew all day, but maybe I'd just get tired of that too? Ugh, being an adult is hard.

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