12 January 2010

pride goeth before the fall

Oh, you guys, I was so excited to make my new red dress that I decided to cut it out yesterday, even though I didn't have all the notions necessary to actually sew it here. What the hell, I thought, I'll cut it out here and then be ready to sew it as soon as I get back to Milwaukee.

Here's the thing--you know how they have those cutting layouts on the pattern instructions? And also, the note on the pattern about whether you should cut it on the fold or on the selvedge? Okay, maybe you don't, but both of those things exist, and it is really really important to actually pay attention to them. Which I knew! I know that! Normally I am super crazy nervous about cutting out pattern pieces and check the layout 300 times before I cut. But yeah, I cut out the front of the dress on the selvedge, because I was not paying enough attention! Also, I was a little too proud of myself for properly trueing the fabric. UGH. There is not any way to really salvage it at this point, as I am about a quarter yard short from cutting everything out from the fabric I have left, and there is really no way that dress would work with a seam down the front. I don't know, maybe I could possibly use the fabric for a dress with princess seams? Maybe it would work for Vogue 8408, which I would really like to make soon. Or maybe I'll give up and make a bunch of bags out of it.

Seriously though, I was feeling so good about sewing until I realized I screwed up that dress. I guess I still do feel pretty good about sewing, which is exciting. I had so little time to do anything last semester, but I'm quite excited to make a few dresses and sew some new clothes for myself. I also found a few pairs of pants in my closet at my parents house--I think I found them at thrift stores one of the last times I was here--and I cut pieces for 16 zip purses from 1 pair of pants. 16!! I cut out some cat toys as well, and I want to maybe do some handwork when I get back. Something like this; make something is such an awesome blog, and Karyn's shop The Workroom makes me want to move to Toronto just to take classes there. I have another two weeks (or so? don't want to think about the exact time) before school starts; I just want to sew as much as possible and get myself organized so I'll be able to make time for sewing once school starts again.

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