06 March 2010


grandma's sewing machine

I signed up for a sewing class! It's six weeks long and focuses on garment sewing. I've sewn clothes before, mostly through figuring things out as I go along, and I'm super super psyched to have someone show me the right way to do things.

Of course, the first week of the sewing class had to be the same week that I took my new machine in to get serviced. (BTW, I highly recommend buying a machine at Milwaukee Sewing Machine, or probably any local store. One year warranty, including a free tuneup, and they extend the warranty another year if you take a class about how to use your machine. I put that off forever, so I'm taking it next Friday when I pick up my machine, which happens to be a day before my original warranty would've expired.) So, this week I'll be sewing on Grandma's machine! Little bit nervous, as it was starting to act up and skip stitches right before I bought my new machine. Probably it needs to be serviced, but somehow I've never been able to justify spending $80 to get my second sewing machine serviced. I'm sure it'll be fine for this week though; I think we'll just be going over basics, which will possibly be boring but hopefully will teach me some new things. I'm just excited that I'll have an excuse to sew at least once a week for the next month and a half.

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