08 March 2010

things that are awesome

1. Coming home to this:

baked pasta!

2. While waiting for the delicious baked pasta to finish baking, I decided to do a tiny bit of sewing. Weird! I experimented with some scrap knit fabric using my old machine, and it went well, so I sewed the seams of a knit tank top I cut out two months ago.* It went pretty well, I think! No puckering, seemingly strong seams; I am completely unsure how to judge whether I sewed it correctly because knit fabric is stretchy and weird and everyone else is so nervous about knits that I am too, kind of? But I think maybe it's going to be okay? Also, the fit is pretty good, though I need to finish the seams and then hem the bottom & armholes** which will hopefully take care of the weird puckering at the bust. I could probably have also cut a size smaller,*** and I hope I'm not tempting fate by getting excited before it's completely done, but yeah, positive sewing energy!

*holy shit, winter break was two months ago?!
**Do you hem an armhole? Is armhole the right word? What's an "armscye"? Any sewers out there?
***WHAT?! Smaller size? Weird.


  1. i saw the word "sewers" and i thought "alligators in the." i am ashamed on behalf of the english language. can i call you a seamstress? or does that have complicated politics?

  2. you're right! you're right. how did i miss that? seamstress is okay, i guess, or i've seen 'sewist' but that just sounds awkward. ugh, this is why sewing isn't as popular as knitting, i'll bet.